About Us

PurpleTea.com was created to bring you all these wonderful benefits in the form of tea bags to drink directly, skincare products and dietary supplements. We source the highest quality ingredients from all corners of the world, use the highest quality methods to extract the tea while using patented formulations to give you the most direct benefit of this amazing discovery.

Our PurpleTea Leaves grow in small farms around the foothills of Kenya and are harvested three leaves at a time for optimum quality. The tea is not fermented; it is rolled and dried, then shipped to North America to undergo our premium extraction process.

Our extract company uses a patented process that produces the ultimate extract with premium potency. Most extract companies use chemicals and high heats to extract from organics; we do not. We only use, pressure, water, and time...at low temperatures...to extract from the purple tea leaf.

All of our products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities in the USA.