Our Philosophy.
We Didn't Create Purple Tea,
We Discovered It.
We source the highest quality ingredients from all corners of the world, sparing no expense in the design and creation of Purple Tea Skincare.

Twenty five years ago, the Kenya Tea Development Authority in East Africa discovered a new type of tea that could grow in more arid areas in the highlands of Kenya. Unlike the commonly known green tea, this one happened to be Purple in color. They named it Purple Tea. It only grows in a tiny section of Kenya.

Scientists around the world realized that this purple tea had three times the benefits of green tea. In addition it had Anthocyanins and GHG. This important discovery meant that you get the added known benefits of lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, assistance with weight loss, natural SPF, and collagen production.

PurpleTea.com was created to bring you all these wonderful benefits in the form of tea bags to drink directly, skincare products and dietary supplements.

We use the highest quality methods to extract the tea and use patented formulations to give you the most direct benefit of this wonderful discovery.

We believe that if you use all three of our product groups, you will live a purple tea healthy lifestyle.