Become a Purple Tea Ambassador

So you want in on the Purple Tea Craze?


We Believe In Bringing Purple Tea To The World 

Our brand ambassador program was created to spread the word about Purple Tea with the ultimate goal of spreading a message of body positivity and wellness.We are always looking for others from all walks of life, stories, backgrounds, and ethnicities to be a part of our family and spreading this message with us.

Here’s What You Can Expect...

  1. We’ll send over a full package of Purple Tea Rapid Eye or Purple Tea Face Mask
    1. With Purple Tea’s Rapid Eye, you’ll see AMAZING results for wrinkle reduction within minutes!
    2. Purple Tea’s Mask gently cleanses stressed polluted skin, eliminates oils & dirt while visibly reducing pores and leaves your face feeling refreshed and radiant.
  2. But don’t take our word for it! Try it out and give your honest review via an Instagram (& Facebook) post using the hashtag #PurpleTeaLifestyle.  Show us what you can do!
  3. Upon confirmation of your awesome post, that qualifies you into the next tier, our Purple Tea Ambassador Program.
    1. With the Purple Tea Ambassador Program, you’ll be given a 10% discount code that you can offer to your audience.
    2. Post often about Purple Tea, sharing about our awesome product line!
    3. When your followers purchase, you make money!  With every purchase made using your unique code, you’ll receive a bonus of 5% of the revenue earned.

It’s That Simple!

We’ll need some information like shipping address and how our team members can contact you so let’s go! Click on the button below and we’ll get started.