What Is Purple Tea?

Twenty-five years ago, the Kenya Tea Development Authority in East Africa discovered a new type of tea leaf that could only grow in arid areas in the beautiful highlands of Kenya, Africa. Unlike common green teas, this native varietal is purple in color, but that’s not the only special thing about this incredible leaf.

Scientists around the world have discovered that this purple tea has three times the benefit of its popular cousin: green tea.

If you love green tea you’ll be floored by its new and improved sister Purple Tea! Yes, you can enjoy it as a beverage, but the magic of this antioxidant-packed ingredient makes it a potent addition to your skin repair and age reversal regime. Here’s how:

Anthocyanins Galore! A plant pigment that gives the leaves their signature purple glow is also a potent shield against environmental stresses like extreme temperatures and intense sunlight.

What does that mean for the skin? A natural and effective way to protect your skin throughout the day no matter what crazy weather patterns are in the mix.

Catch those Catechins! A naturally derived antioxidant that is a natural source for anti-inflammatory compounds. Of all the tea leaves, Purple Tea has the highest concentration of catechins.

Great right? YES! Anti-inflammatory benefits means it soothes irritation and decrease redness without harmful chemicals that tend to make it worse for sensitive skin types!

Delphinidin Driven. Another antioxidant that among several benefits has been known to protect UV exposure naturally.

UV Protection also means it counteracts skin-aging, which, let’s face it ladies, anti-aging regimes should start as early as possible to preserve everything we’ve got, and sustained for the rest of our beautiful lives.

Botanical Stem Cells like polyphenols which give purple tea antioxidant-rich properties that fight off viruses, inflammation, and free radicals.

This important discovery means you get the added known benefits of lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, assistance with weight loss, natural SPF, and even collagen production.

Abundant in GHG (1,2-di-galloyl-4,6- hexahydroxydiphenoyl-D-glucose). More than a crazy-spelled word, this compound is unique to Purple Tea only (as opposed to other teas), and is most known for its ability to shift how the liver normally metabolizes fats.

Studies show that this ultimately helps with slimming down. Uhhh.. YES PLEASE.

When paired together, you’ve got a wellness trifecta: anti-aging, environmental defense, and regenerative magic!


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