Purple Tea Nutrition

Purple Tea Pure Extract

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  • Antioxidant packed 
  • Healthier Skin
  • Supports lower cholesterol and blood pressure



If you love green tea you’ll be floored by its new and improved sister Purple Tea! The magic of this antioxidant-packed ingredient makes it a potent addition to your skin repair and age reversal regime.



Anthocynins Galore - For your skin, a natural and effective way to protect and shield it from whatever nature or stress & life throws at you.

Catechins - A naturally derived antioxidant that is a natural source for anti-inflammatory compounds. Of all the tea leaves, Purple Tea has the highest concentration of catechins.

Delphinidin Driven - Another antioxidant that among several benefits has been known to protect UV exposure naturally.

Botanical Stem Cells like polyphenols provide added known benefits of lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, assistance with weight loss, natural SPF, and even collagen production.



Purple Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis) is an antioxidant-rich tea leaf known for its many health benefits form weight-loss, to collagen production, and lowered blood pressure.